Letra traducida de I hate you - Reel Big Fish

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I hate you

Hey, hey everybody!
look whoand's on tv, look who just got famous
donand't you know it should have been me
iand'm not really bitter, iand'm not really mad,
i love to see other people get
everything i ever wanted to have
i donand't really care, how big they get
i hate you, fuck you leave me alone!
why canand't i be cool like them?
i used to have a girlfriend
i treated her so bad, she went out
and found another lead singer
maybe she just likes guys in bands
i give up on everything
all my dreams are dead
maybe iand'll get a shotgun
and try to blow her right out of my head
everybody says, andquot;how come you ainand't made it yet?andquot;
i hate you, fuck you, leave me alone!
why canand't i get my girl back?
i knew you wouldnand't understand
just what iand'm tryin to do
and'cause youand're not me
and iand'm so glad that i am not you
i know itand's my problem, thereand's nothing i can do
but i donand't think there is no reason
i donand't think thereand's no excuse for you
well iand've learned my lesson
hope youand've learned it to
and if theand're gonna go and do it to me
well i guess iand'm gonna have to go and do it to you
i donand't really care how much you cry
why canand't anything go my way?

Te odio

Hey, hey todo el mundo!
mira whoand en la televisión, mira que sólo se hizo famoso
donand`t usted sabe que debería haber sido yo
iand`m no es realmente amargo, iand`m no es realmente loco,
Me encanta ver a otras personas a obtener
todo lo que siempre quiso tener
Realmente donand`t importa lo grande que reciben
i hate you, fuck you déjame en paz!
Por canand`t i be cool como ellos?
Yo solía tener una novia
yo la trataba tan mal, salió
y encontró otra cantante
tal vez ella sólo le gusta los chicos en las bandas
i renunciar a todo
todos mis sueños están muertos
quizá iand`ll tener una escopeta
y tratar de explotar su derecho de mi cabeza
todo el mundo dice, andquot, ¿cómo es que ainand`t hecho todavía andquot?;
i hate you, fuck you, déjame en paz!
Por canand`t me sale a mi chica de vuelta?
Sabía que wouldnand`t entender
justo lo que iand`m tratando de hacer
and`cause youand`re no me
y iand`m tan contenta de que yo no soy tú
Sé itand es mi problema, nada thereand de que puedo hacer
pero yo creo donand`t no hay ninguna razón
i donand`t que no hay excusa para que thereand
así iand`ve aprendido la lección
esperanza youand`ve aprendió a
y si theand`re gon


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