Letras traducidas de Faber Drive

  • 24 story love affair  -  24 historias de amor

    When I met you you told me, to forget you, you're way out of my league. but it happened, couldn't I see, a disaster was ready to be unleashed. tryin' to climb the ladder but I'm handcuffed to the bottom, need to use the keys but you're the only one who's got 'em. I know the end is coming. I should've started runnin'. a 24 story love affair. with me down here and you up there. I know it's all but over, I wish the last kiss would have lasted longer. a 24 story love affair. with me down here and you up there. with me down here and you up there......
    Cuando te conocí me dijiste, Que te olvidara, Estabas fuera de mi alcance......


Faber Drive

Faber Drive es un cuarteto musical de pop punk canadiense (Mission, Columbia Británica), nominado a los premios Juno. Han realizado giras con bandas como Hedley, Marianas Trench, Simple Plan, Metro Station, The New Cities y Stereos. Son muy populares en varias zonas de Canadá.

Son un descubrimiento de Chad Kroeger, miembro de Nickelback, y firmaron con su sello discográfico, ''604 Records'',
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Web: www.faberdrive.com

Fuente: es.wikipedia.org

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